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Technical Information - Fig No. 213

Valve Pic

The Fig. 213 is direct acting, piston balanced, single seated and spring regulated.

Operation: The inlet of the valve is in hydraulic balance, ensuring that the downstream pressure is unaffected by fluctuations in the upstream pressure.

Pressure relation is achieved by utilizing the thrust generated by the downstream pressure imposed upon the valve disc, and balancing it with a regulating spring.

The load on the regulating spring is set by the position of the adjusting screw, thereby setting the regulated downstream pressure

Availble: 65mm to 200mm

Dimensions (mm)

Valve Size 65 80 100 150 200
'A' 100 105 118 165 203
'B' 365 379 376 685 854
'C' 254 292 292 445 610


Body FBE SG Iron
Internals 316 Stainless Steel
Seals Nitrile
Regulating Spring Spring Steel
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