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Technical Information - Fig No. 142/3A Equilibrium Float Valve

Valve Pic

The ‘ROMA’ Type ‘D70’ Equilibrium Float Valve is hydraulically balanced and designed to operate effectively with little or no pressure differential across the valve.

The valve disc is maintained in a state of equilibrium by employing a pressure balancing piston.

This means that the float need be only of sufficient size to operate the valve over varying pressure conditions , having only to overcome friction and the weight of the valve disc assembly.

While the float size and dimensions of the float arm are designed to suit customers’ specifications, provision for final level adjustment is made at the float arm connecting mechanism.

The angle type Fig. No. 142/3A valve is ideally suitable for end of line services in make-up water and service water tanks, etc., whereas the globe type Fig. No. 142/3 in the larger sizes are used for surface reservoirs.

Dimensions (mm)

Valve Size 50 65/80 100 150 200
Face to c/l (A) 120 130 180 220 230
Base to c/l (B) 120 130 180 220 230
c/l to Top (C) 250 360 380 400 510
Mass / kg 26 40 60 120 190


Body Cast Iron
Bonnet Cast Iron
Seat Bronze
Liner Bronze
Guide & Carrier Bronze
Seals Nitrile
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