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Fig. No. 669 Tank Breather Valve

Valve Pic

The 'ROMA' Fig. 669 Pressure/Vacuum Breather Valve is a dead weight loaded disc relief valve.

The valve body is designed to accommodate a weight loaded pressure relief disc to lift at a pre-determined pressure to discharge to atmosphere, and a dead weight loaded vacuum relief disc to lift at a pre-determined vacuum and admit air to a vessel.

The pressure and vacuum disc assemblies are weighted to relieve at the specified pressure and vacuum.  When the lift-off pressure or vacuum is reached the valve will open with only a small accumulation in pressure or vacuum.

Dimensions (mm)

Valve Size 80 100 150
'A' 250 345 440
'B' 240 320 360
'C' 255 355 400
Mass / kg 10 22 45


Connections Flanged to requirements
Lift off pressures/vacuum Up to 2000 Pa
Temperature Range 2-90oC


Body & Cover Cast Aluminium, Epoxy Coated
Valve Seats Bronze
Valve Disc PTFE
Screens Stainless Steel
Gaskets Nitrile
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